Hafner Neusiedlersee Dac

Product Code: PWI458

The Nuesiedlersee DAC is crafted from the primary red grape variety cultivated around Lake Neusiedl, situated east of Vienna. Utilizing the Zweigelt grape, renowned for its classic expression, the wine undergoes a six-month aging process in wood, abstaining from Barrique. A distinguished panel of experts conducts tastings to ensure the wines meet the desired quality standards. Exhibiting a ruby hue and redolent with characteristic cherry and sour-cherry notes, it presents a fruity and spicy palate with impeccable balance. The sunny region of Burgenland, surrounding Lake Neusiedl, enjoys over 300 sunny days annually, providing an optimal climate for cultivating rich, fruity red wines.

Origin : Austria

ABV : 13.50%

Variety : Red

Winery : Hafner

Case Size : 12

Vintage : 2022

Volume : 750 ml


Mevushal : Yes

Passover : Yes