Kishor GSM

Product Code: PWI291

A blend of granache, Syrah and Morbedre, with a clear cherry color. The nose rises from a screen of fragrant flowers and fruits, fresh, with touches of “fleshy” characteristics that are characteristic of Morvader. After pouring, it develops wonderfully in the glass and releases an herbaceous spice: its mouth is smooth on the attack, elegant and has soft tannins. Like many wines in the 2019 vintage, this one is also airy and pleasant, easy to fall in love with.

Origin : Israel

ABV : 13.50%

Variety : Grenache, Syrah, Morvedre

Winery : Kishor

Case Size : 12

Vintage : 2019

Volume : 750 ml


Mevushal : Yes

Passover : Yes

Supervision: OU