Lavie Figaro Liquor

Product Code: PWI286

Lavie Winery’s liqueur master gave him the nickname: This is the single malt of liqueurs. Figaro is a liqueur made from dry figs that have undergone the process of soaking in alcohol for 3 years. Figaro is unique to Lavie Winery and does not currently have a parallel product in the Israeli market. The soaking process gives the liqueur a long finish of dried figs and amazing aromas of ripe fruit . At the end of the production process, Figaro liqueur has 40% alcohol and a pleasant honeyed thickness to the palate

Origin : Israel

ABV : 40%

Variety : Liquor

Winery : Lavie

Case Size : 4

Vintage : N/A

Volume : 500 ml


Mevushal : No

Passover : No

Supervision: GRUBER