Ya’acov Oryah Playground Chardonnay

Product Code: PWI408

This wine from the Yadhani vineyard went through 13 different types of fermentation – fermentation in tanks, barrels, on the skins and carbonation, both from early and later harvests.

At the end of all the fermentations, a blend is created that unites all its components. Bright colour, non-oppressive alcohol, a supportive acidic backbone, a clear mineral line and a range of aromas and flavours that express the phenolic richness in the variety of potentials of the entire grape from this vineyard.

Origin : Israel

ABV : 12%

Variety : Chardonnay

Winery : Ya'acov Oryah

Case Size : 6

Vintage : 2021

Volume : 750 ml


Mevushal : No

Passover : Yes

Supervision: OU